I am an artist and I love to work with colours and gradients. A few years ago I was experimenting with lithographic rollers, I wanted to create something different than a linear gradient, which I’d been basing my works on then. I made a ground-breaking discovery when I rolled out my very first circular gradient.
I roll the colours out on a flat surface – I like to compare the process to making cookies, the longer one rolls out the dough the thinner it becomes. I do the same with colours.
I have an appreciation for sequences and logic in my life, this is the driving force behind my works and the way I approach my creative process. Even if my imagination has a very complex idea my mind always minimalises it and puts things in order.
Colour is my biggest inspiration, everything depends on it, even how I perceive things outside of creating my works. What colours I work with on a given day depends on my mood, the weather, what season it is, sometimes I also feel inclined to conduct experiments with colours that come from opposite sides of the colour wheel.
The only constant element about my works is that I prefer to work with clear colours, I almost never darken my colours with black. I’ve also noticed that my favourite ranges to work with are between pink and emerald green – the colours of Northern Lights and galaxies.